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 Hawking Corporation: BUILDER Test

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Main Administrator; Site Owner

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Hawking Corporation: BUILDER Test Empty
PostSubject: Hawking Corporation: BUILDER Test   Hawking Corporation: BUILDER Test EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 7:03 pm

Basically the AGENT test except with an addition.
[Yes, you do need to pass the AGENT Test on here to apply for builder. If you are ALREADY HC, please skip to the bottom]

You see a member flaming and threatening an enemy, what do you do?

You see a Lower Rank disrespecting a higher rank, what should you do? Should you interfer, or stay out, and let the High Rank handle it.

I accidently slapped Gamerchief300, and he punched me in the face. Would you break this up, or would you let us keep fighting? If you broke it up, how would you do it?

You see someone out of uniform, what would you tell them?

Building part; to prove it.
Make a good base. As little free models, please. Make at least one, then send it to dradra44.

-CryroticAngel; SCR Captain, HC Admin, Stelation Corp Private.

This site is currently in BETA. We are expecting to be in BETA for two months. Welcome new moderators gamerchief300 and lordgando! If you haven't read the rules, read them. (SWEARING RULE: You are allowed until we find out there is a little kid.)
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Hawking Corporation: BUILDER Test
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